Mignon van der Westhuizen and Associates

With over 43 years' experience, Mignon van der Westhuizen is a Registered Clinical Technologist in Pulmonology and a well- known specialist in Spirometry and Pulmonary Function Testing. We offer comprehensive Spirometry Training Courses and Spirometry Refresher Courses nationwide and in neighboring countries.

Spirometry Training Making a Difference

Mignon and Christo van der Westhuizen

Mignon van der Westhuizen has as her core aim to be the service provider of choice in the training and academic development of spirometry operators in the medical and occupational sphere. After the course, students will be able to use the knowledge and practical skills that they have acquired to improve the overall quality of testing in the community.


The equipment and teaching is fully compliant with the ATS/ERS 2005, SANS 451:2008 Spirometry Standards and the Spirometry Unit Standard SAQA252125. The comprehensive syllabus, covering both theory and practice will provide candidates with all the skills necessary to perform acceptable and repeatable spirograms.

The Gold Standard

We offer both comprehensive and Refresher Spirometry Training Courses. We are committed to the provision of quality spirometry in the workplace and to optimizing the performance of operators at all levels.


Mignon's career as a Clinical Technologist began at the Medical Bureau for Occupational Diseases (MBOD) in 1975. She is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Clinical Technologist in Pulmonology (Private practice). She is also a member of the South African Thoracic Society and the Spirometry Unit Standards committee. In addition she is registered as an Assessor and Moderator as a requirement by the Spirometry unit standard. Mignon was appointed Control Clinical Technologist of the Lung function unit at the MBOD in association with the National Institute for Occupational Health in 1996. Since that time, she has offered spirometry training courses and audit clinics in association with the MBOD where she is responsible for the full operation of the unit.

Mignon assisted with the practical component and the examinations when the MBOD lung unit was host for the NIOSH spirometry training course conducted by Dr. Lu-Ann Beckmann in October 2006. As head of the largest lung function unit in South Africa, she boasts with extensive experience in various state of the art and other mainstream lung function equipment. This practical experience and the knowledge and skills that she has acquired over the years with regard to, specialized test procedures and quality and infection control, allow her to teach at the highest level of competence. Mignon has provided three- day Spirometry training courses since 2007 in her private capacity to medical and occupational health practitioners, nurses and students. She often speaks at seminars and workshops on “Spirometry in the Workplace”, as per the invitation of Pharmaceutical Drug Companies and other companies that are involved in the field.